Have you met Resistance?

Why resistance? Well, we think it’s a very interesting topic of reflection because we all experience it in a way or another. Inevitably on our side, we frequently noticed it when it comes to resistance within the holistic industry. We observed the experience of resistance when we know we should do something that will benefit us in the long or short term but the rational mind will play tricks and try to talk us out of whatever it is we know we should do. We said the rational mind, nevertheless, it could be a very well eradicated subconscious pattern instead. A pattern which is set for comfort and fear of change and that uses the conscious mind as an instrument to navigate with resistance towards the state of stagnancy.

We can speak from personal experience when it comes to this, it happened to one of us right before attending the Pellowah Level 3 course with Kachina.

I was so excited during the weeks leading up to it and even the day before. However, it got to the morning of the course and my mind was saying “what are you doing? Are you sure you want to go? It’s so cold and wet today, it looks like staying at home weather” So many reasons came pouring into my mind as to why I shouldn’t go. It wasn’t the first time that this self-talk has happened before an event I was to attend, so I’ve started to become aware of the self-talk and in my case it’s already been proven that the resistance was, in fact, the vibration associated with the part of me which wasn’t keen to evolve.


From this newly acquired information, I have been able to adjust my perspective on giving a new meaning to that type of vibration. From a message of resistance, it becomes a message of action and persistence in taking the step from which the vibration in question arose. The new meaning is in fact now a signal to me that when a similar experience presents and I am tempted to give up it is actually the one that I need to have.

Careful here, I am not talking about a strong gut and intuitive feeling that suggests to not do something which could be detrimental, I am talking about a vibrational feeling that arises from having to make a choice and usually works on the level of the heart (this last part could be very individual).

It is similar to stage fright, or when you need to complete an exam. What you might be experiencing is a sense of anxiety and fear that could also be reversed into a sense of uncertainty and excitement or over-excitement.

We can now see that giving a different meaning to the feeling, the choice that we decide to take might also change.

How to recognise that this is a feeling or emotion?

Surely there are many ways, we can only suggest what we’ve tried for ourselves which is to enter a space of intimacy with your true self to distinguish effectively and then change one of the elements that regulate your emotional state, self-talk is one of them.

Allow us to advertise ourselves here, and for a valuable reason, otherwise, we would not be doing what we do.

Meditation, Reiki, Pellowah, Om Chanting and Dragon Energy, are just great to help you do just that and that’s the reason why we encourage anyone to embrace such or similar tools and techniques which let you shine as the beautiful being that you are.


“We are all on our journeys of discovery, self-awareness is the lens through which we look at the map.”


Founder of Om Reiki Connection