The Power of Manifestation

Awareness of our infinite potential as human beings is crucial to seeing the realization that we can actually manifest anything we tune in to. Responding to the laws of the universe we have the same creative power that generates everything we are able to see and beyond. This power can be used at will in presence of awareness.

When this is the case, intention and attention are the two skills that need to be developed first so to communicate back and forth clearly to this universal potential.

Besides the voluntary attunement we must forge an idea and set a goal that we intend to pursue; one that is attached to a valid reason. A reason which is strong and deep enough to be able to transform a “want” into a “need”. This process of transformation from “want” to “need” is also considered in the process of deepening the reason.

Once you have set awareness and attention on a goal with a strong reason attached to it, it is possible to start a procedure of rewiring the system on which we act and react responding to internal and external representations. This is to find a way of manifestation.

This also consists in developing a valuable plan, strategy, and routine which will continuously work on attracting all the elements necessary to the achievement of the goal.

It is in this point that it’s crucial to discover how important the vibrations generated by the state we bring ourselves in during such a process. This last element is the one responsible for the attraction of external and manifested factors consisting in what we call external reality. It is with the use of visualization and projections of the goal, together with a specific inbuilt filtering system called RAS (Reticular Activating System, a system which allows us to detect in the external environment what is filtered by our focus) that we can effectively proceed to the manifestation of our idea into the physical reality.

One important thing to put attention on: the universe doesn’t recognise the difference between something that is good for us and something that is adverse to us. It doesn’t require this cognitive accessory as it just responds to the vibrations that are transmitted regardless. For this reason, it is better to be sound and clear about our intentions and very attentive to the details of our thoughts!

I can honestly say from personal experience that I’ve attempted and succeeded repeatedly, tuning into the power of manifestation as an effective phenomenon to pursue my goals.

And I am sure you can also recall at least one experience when you could describe the same happening to you.

Moving to Berlin is one example of them.

About 2 years ago I was living in Melbourne with my wife and we were starting to feel the urge to leave and move back to Europe, it was around this time we had to let our landlord know if we would renew the lease or move out. We basically just set ourselves up comfortably in Melbourne so the thought of moving was not extremely appealing from a comfort point of view.  With this though decision came many sleepless nights trying to determine if our urge was because we were seeking adventure or it was an actual calling and that it was something that was meant to be. We finally decided to leave behind comfort and set for the uncertainty that was driving us towards the achievement of our dreams and visions. This meant that we would have the next 4 months to sell most of our newly bought furniture and start the packing, considering we were leaving comfortable and remunerative jobs and careers to set towards something totally unknown except our ideas.

After setting our minds towards new horizons, everything was flowing until closer to moving day, the mind started to play some tricks. The comfort feeling we decided to leave behind kicked in and started to suggest some security questions: ”Why are you doing this? Take it easy, things are picking up with business, why leave now? You have a great job and income why give up this opportunity?” It was a feeling that I could recognise because it’s happened to me before so I didn’t give it much power and just continued in the direction I was headed. Long story short, we had some other obstacles along this journey and we were considering moving to Italy, we were also tempted by the old reminiscence of London but the heart definitely wanted to go to Berlin. The obstacles came together with solutions then something happened that made our dream of moving to Berlin a reality and everything fell into place for our October 2017 move.

When I look back now, the time we spent in Melbourne deciding what to do,  I can see that our fears, insecurities, and doubts were just the resistance necessary to strengthen ourselves. They generate reflections and priorities that we would have found crucial in the future. Our main focus of manifestation was wanting to live in Berlin, presented more striving opportunities to manifest the intentions. The visions recalled intensively were the fond memories of our trips to Berlin years earlier when we lived in London, it was that feeling that drove the manifestation forward and collaborated with the laws of the Universe.

Law of attraction combined with a plan of action has been determinant to the present we are living and we are so grateful to have done what we have done. Meeting exceptional and new people along the way, setting up projects that have helped us grow ulteriorly and contributed to support others in their journeys. The foundation of new visions and projects have added to the excitement of what we have already achieved. This is just a fragment of what we can see when we look at our present and feel the gratitude of this moment.

This is to say that ways exist to use what you have to move towards the realization of an excellent life. Excellence away from perfection, let’s state this clearly.

It is for these reasons that we felt compelled to reassume some of the concepts, ideas, tools, and strategies that we learned, discovered, fabricated and finally used on our journey of manifestation so that others can embark themselves on a beautiful and graceful journey of their own.

We put all of this knowledge together and we packed it up in a short guide written with great humility for those who are attempting to discover something new.

A guide of which we felt bold enough to offer on Amazon and mention in this article, please visit our homepage for the direct link to the Amazon eBook. 

Feel free to follow that link and read the first few paragraphs in the sample and get yourself a copy if you feel it resonates with you.

Take your time, respect your ideas and present position, each one has its own, but take advantage if you feel some of the gold we think we have struck in the pages of this companion. Read the lines of it repeatedly and in different time and space as sometimes we are not ready for specific detail in the present we are living and instead results are more significant on other occasions.

Read it, love it, share it, criticise it if you want, and please share with us your feedback or a story of you that is significant for this subject. Or contact us for support if you need. We are here to listen and we are here to contribute to your journey with love as I am sure you will contribute to ours.

Actually, we are taking this very change to thank you very much already because if you are receiving this email you have already given us enough trust for us to see how beautiful life can be when we take courageous decisions. When we share our journeys with people who think and love to support each other in one way or another.

Thank you for being you and hope to hear from you soon at some point again and in some way.



Founder of Om Reiki Connection