What is Pellowah? How can it impact your life?

There is not one real way to refer to what Pellowah is. Like anything else it really can be just another ingredient that makes you so special. All of your choices, all of your ideas, all of your mistakes and experiences that make your life an extraordinary flow towards self-realization, extending to you all you want to give in this world. Pellowah is just that. It is you on another level of consciousness. You being conscious of yourself. There would be millions of words to describe what Pellowah really is, just as it would be for life because each of us would give it its own definition, colour, sound, and shape.

For this reason, we have decided to stay on the ground and define Pellowah as a specific vibration which resonates with the highest of source enabling the individual to tap into their inner or higher self in order to proceed harmoniously in this journey we call life.

Technically, from personal experience, we can also say that this vibration relates more particularly to our Astral body or Manomaya Kosha or Theta waves depending on what idea you have of the unfolding of consciousness through manifestation up to the physical.

As a consequence of the initiation of this form of vibration called Pellowah, the individual realizes a higher, progressive and expanded view of his/her condition. This then leads to growth in a less traumatic way by getting rid of blockages and traumas, intervening on the operating system and modeling a more effective framework.
Energy is essentially within us and around us all the time, however, we don’t consciously connect with it all the time unless we are very open and in tune to it.

In the case of Pellowah, there are two main ways to experience this energy, through treatments and activations. These activations are performed in the course and there are three-course levels. Level one gives you the opportunity to share this wonderful experience with others by becoming a practitioner. In the second and third you are able to connect to your higher form and hence fulfill your own true mission in this life.

The courses consist of meditations, attunements, followed by practical activities. The second level extends the Pellowah vibration by connecting to a synopsis of 7 symbols which can be drawn and meditated upon. The third course is the teaching experience and its aim is to generate a heightened state of consciousness.

I remember my first Pellowah treatment experience, it was during the course when I completed Level 1 & 2. I didn’t have many expectations going into the course, it was my first experience learning a particular energy healing modality, I had never done Reiki before either. I was pretty excited going into the course but I must admit that a part of me had absolutely no idea what to expect and I kinda thought that maybe I wouldn’t feel anything at all. Well, boy was I wrong. I felt lots of energy go through my body and then began to sense that the practitioner was actually touching me on a particular part of my body, but I knew that it couldn’t be the case as Pellowah is a non-contact technique. I then felt as if I had drifted off to someplace, almost like a dream state and it felt like I was in the abyss, a place, and space of nothingness. I must admit it felt pretty good and once the healing was finished it really gave me a whole lot of clarity and everything seemed to be totally achievable, in reach and nothing was complicated. I started to really grasp the flow of life after experiencing Pellowah and it’s funny but the actual practice of giving Pellowah is definitely a real flow of movement.

Since I experienced it for the first time I knew this was something I definitely wanted to share with others giving them the opportunity to experience such feelings. That is the reason why I walked the path to the third level and decided not only to give treatments but also teach it around the world. Pellowah is a technique predominately popular in Australia at the moment and I felt it was part of my mission to bring the beauty of it to Europe and contribute on a much greater scale to the huge shifts in consciousness that are already taking place on this side of the world.

Since then, many people have confirmed positively that it was a wise choice. The feedback received from those who already received treatments or became practitioners has given us an indescribable reward. You can be next! You might find yourself aligned and ready for this vibration, it usually is a genuine sense of attraction or curiosity.

If that is the case, it is a pleasure for us to give you the opportunity to participate in one of our upcoming courses or you could give a 45 min Pellowah treatment a go. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or queries about Pellowah or anything else that we do, please get in touch.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection