Some thoughts about Reiki …

Many people I have come across, have redundant questions or doubts about certain aspects of Energy practices in specific Reiki.

You often hear voices around creating different beliefs and you’ve probably thought to yourself, as I did myself once, or you’re new to energy modalities and therefore you’re probably thinking about it. What exactly is Reiki and where does this energy come from? Is it possible to catch bad energies? Am I onboarding the client’s Karmic experiences? How is it possible to transmit energy through distance? Is there any actual energy moving?

Let’s take this from the last question. It’s often thought that we transmit our own positive energy as a practitioner to the clients, however, this is in fact not the case, as with most energy modalities, we are the instruments that direct and pass peripheral energy over to our clients.

Reiki loosely translates to “universal life energy”, or often referred to as chi energy. This energy can be found within us and it’s always surrounding us, as practitioners, we work with that energy during a session to help align, balance and transmit more of that force to clients, this has been known to have significant benefits whether it be physical, emotional and spiritual.

We being bold enough to take the challenge even further and advance our own theory about how all of this is working, calling in the concept of resonance.

In fact, it is our opinion that there is not an actual movement of energy from A to B in the sense that our mind would conceive (for example like water flowing into the river bed). We sustain the hypothesis that it all works through the intention to create or establish a resonance between different bodies at the level of energy states and frequencies.

To give you an example it is a little bit like how sound works. The sound moves by the structure or molecules of the air from a source body (A- the speaker of the sound system) to a receiver body (B- the ear of a person for example). The air molecules are favoring the sound movement by resonating, in turn, expansively and in an organized manner, to a specific source of frequency (the sound itself). So we can say that the mean of transport is the air through resonance. There is no movement of the actual air from A to B. It just carries the sound through vibration (we are not discussing the micromovements of the air molecules but we are referring to an actual flow movement as if it is water on a river). At the same time, we say that the sound (the actual vibration which contains or represents the information passed from A to B) is moving.

In the case of Reiki or other energies we consider the prana (and perhaps other energetically based body structures such as astral or supramental for example) to be the means of transport of the energy (like the air does for the sound) and the source to be the subject of the intention itself (Reiki energy, Divine, Ascended Masters, Symbols and so on). The information is represented by the aspects of the source of intention.

Whatever you focus on creates a ripple that resonates at the frequency of the subject of your focus. By you resonating at that precise frequency somebody else can open themselves to you accepting to resonate at the same frequency as you and as a consequence, inevitably tuning into the same energy source and related aspects.

Another visual example of this can be the Mexican wave in a stadium. Have you ever seen it? People from different vertical rows of the stadium stand up in an organized way giving the effect of a wave going around. The information (standing up) in this case is passed from person to person which react to it but no one is actually moving horizontally, except the information itself.

Hope this is making sense.

So recapitulating. If the information is a resonance with universal force during Reiki practice, the practitioners intent to resonate at the frequency of the source providing a vehicle (just like the air for the sound) with his or her energetic body. When somebody (the so-called recipient or client) decides to intentionally open to this frequency and to the practitioner as a vehicle, he or she will automatically become the carrier of the frequency and information with all the related rebalancing aspects.

For this reason, it will be explained why, while performing Reiki, a practitioner can never intake bad energy from a client unless the practitioner itself decides to intentionally tune into some sort of “negative” source instead of the original Reiki one.


Practice comes in handy!

Practice is the mother of skills. In fact, practice will help the practitioner with the stillness of the mind and the recognising of the benevolent source avoiding drifting away from the original intention (tuning into Reiki).

When the state of mind reflects a particular beneficial energy and source frequencies, only this information can travel through. In this way, you don’t shift your focus and you are stable enough not to tune into somebody else’s field of resonance (like the one of the clients for example).

It is practically impossible to catch somebody else’s energy if you aim intentionally to work with Reiki, so to resonate with Reiki and Reiki only. You can set a strong intention just prior to the start of any session and that will do. Your intention would have nailed your choice of source down on a subconscious level and together with the experienced gathered during training of stillness you will be able to stabilize much more to that benevolent frequency.

To some extent, the thought of catching bad energies or seeing entities, are merely consequences of inappropriate or inaccurate mental projections of yourself that you convince yourself to be true.

Some people also often refer to Karma collection when operating with Reiki.

In this case, too, talking about Reiki, I personally don’t believe there is such recollection of the other beings karma. We are producing Karma, maybe or certainly, but our own and no others. We continuously interact with each other and with the universe, therefore, gathering karmic experiences of all sort. If your intention is pure and genuine during the Reiki practice I doubt you will be collecting so-called bad karma or any other person’s karma, in this case, one of the recipients we are working with.

Just because you consciously decided to resonate at a universal frequency and somebody else decided to intentionally follow you resonating at the frequency you resonate in my humble opinion doesn’t give enough evidence to let me think that I can become responsible for the other person’s actions, thoughts or experiences.

There will be just a Karmic experience related to your choice and actions and not necessarily something to do with onboarding the other person’s Karma, you are not aiming to become responsible for the other person’s action and choices you are just aiming to provide resonance for the higher good of the client, yourself and the Universe as a whole this is your Karma. What the other person is going to do with that information you provided or resonated with, is not your business at all.

You take your responsibilities and the recipient takes their own. No more and no less. Unless you are trying to force a situation deciding ego-consciously (if that make sense), for example by forcefully practicing Reiki on somebody without their consent or by not detaching from the outcome because a certain result would make you look good. In these cases, I admit that there could be a funny ripple in the interaction but just because of the intention you carry and not the action itself.

Same would apply in a scenario when you are inspiring a person by doing or saying something noble and honorable. It would be in this case true that if somebody else decides to follow your example hence resonating at your energy frequency at that moment you will have to gather their karma? I honestly don’t think so.

Anyway, this is just the subject of a personal reflection and the way I decided to see it because it makes sense to me.

Hopefully, this has been clarified once for all and could have been helpful for some folks out there who had the question in their mind. I don’t hide the fact, and it is clear, that once I questioned this as well and I finally found a theory and some practical results to back this up.

The same idea will provide valuable information on how Reiki can be performed by distance. Not requiring any physical movement of energy but just by resonance, energy can move through the etheric and subtle system form a source to a recipient just by the means of intention and the action of tuning in.

It is a little bit like the WiFi system if you like, without the limitation of the strictly physical world we think we live in.

We hope this has helped clarify some aspects of how Reiki and other energetic systems work. I must say that this is just my interpretation of the dynamics which I reached through intuition and a progressive meditative process.

It could be debated by many, and denied by others. It can definitely be refined and improved and it works so far in the way I operate. It helps by making sense to my rational mind so it works perfectly fine for me.

If you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection