The Importance of Symbolism

We see them everywhere, every country, every culture, every street, every religion or spiritual branch and discipline.

At each one their own family of signs and symbols in any shape and form.

Some symbols have a private understanding and some others are even recognized worldwide. They carry a meaning, an intention, a projection which we generally feel, absorb, embody, resonate with, understand or comprehend responding in a certain way. The response can be active or passive of course. It can be an action or a pause, a change in tendencies or a new or restored attitude.

Words and languages are made of them, so often symbols have a sound associated.

Above is an example that symbols can be simple or complex, this means that one symbol might have more symbols as part of its nature.

Beside a meaning, a message or even a sound, symbols have more often a certain power attached to them.

“The world is governed by symbols and signs, not laws and rules” – Confucius

Yeah power, this power can be attributed and increased depending on the amount of consciousness or attention associated or which relates to that specific symbol.

Let’s recall company logos for example.

Although they are there representing or making a company recognisable, they also have the power to represent, increase and infuse the potency of them. This is valid for any energy source being it a company, a person or just any frequency, esoteric entity or message. They can express the potency or they can acquire more of that by being exposed to consciousness (individuals).

They are eye catchy and together with that, they are direct, immediate and effective.

Why is this? Well, this specifically I don’t quite recall. To find an answer to the question we shall perhaps look into the mechanism and laws under what the universe elaborates and manifests, hence vibrations.

A visual experience of this is provided by something called Cymatics. Search it up on the net and you will have an idea.

In this case, we can practically see how a specific message or vibration is translated into a visible and individual sign or symbol by the use of sand which is situated on a platform resonating on specific vibrations.

In this experience, we notice how vibration is related to a specific organization of the matter (sand) producing a determined symbol. In fact, a different vibration corresponds to a different result. This experiment gets even more interesting when water is added to the equation.

If you agree that everything is energy vibrating to a different frequency or to a group of frequencies it is easy to imagine that energy can take different forms and characteristics.

So if a letter or a word can carry a specific meaning, same as words and letters, even an abstract sign can custody a deeper and more occult power or message.

To better understand how this works practically though let’s take the street sign for example.

This is just a broad example as a street sign has a more conventional way to work, in the sense that if you don’t know what that sign exactly means then you probably ignore its related message. Surely though when you see a symbol even when you don’t recognise its meaning, you are always drawn into it with a certain degree of attention.

For the sake of the example, street signs still work very well as an explanation.

Imagine you are driving on a road and you see a “give way” sign on the side of the road. That specific sign might tell you a variety of things, for instance: that there will be a crossroads ahead and this is very valuable information. It will also have embedded within its message the fact that you might want to start slowing down, pay extra attention to the dynamics of the road and eventually considering to stop if there are other cars coming from another direction to avoid a collision.

I am sure you can find a plethora of other hidden messages that activate our nervous response in a certain way in relation to this signal and surely everyone will adopt an individual response to what the sign suggests, (some could also ignore it!).

We apologize for the comparison but just like street signals, other mystical symbols operate in the same way, filtering specific energy, which represents the message they carry to stimulate an individual response accordingly.

I often and personally refer to symbols as filters. I see them as something that cuts off the whole universal energy to address a specific part of it. In fact a specific frequency. Just like a specific positioning of your lips could represent the difference between the pronunciation of the vowel “A” and the vowel “O”.

In this analogy, the two sounds have two different messages represented by the vibrating air coming from your throat. The lips can be interpreted as the symbol that filters the air in a specific way to produce the related sound, therefore, spreading its unique message.

Hopefully, these analogies have worked in our favor attempting to explain how a symbol can work in filtering universal energy. In conclusion, this filter, the symbol, allows us to resonate to the specific messages or intentions they carry with the related consequences.

We anticipated the intention that can be associated with a specific symbol.

This meaning the specific effect associated with the symbol when something is exposed to it. Effects can result in short or long term.

Following this idea we can now better understand how symbols have the power they have and how they can practically interfere with human emotions and state of mind, not mentioning consciousness and physical responses (like we have seen in cymatics).

Obviously, there has to be a certain degree of acceptance or openness or exposure for them to function. This said we can appreciate that our will ultimately might decide the effectiveness of the symbol (same like ignoring a street sign).

For the sake of the discussion, it is fair to mention that we use symbols in our practices, Reiki, Pellowah and Dragon Energy, we intend to focus and enhance the work of specific resonances within the whole general force of the energy. This is ultimately intended for the highest good of ourselves and others.

I am sure you have come across other experiences when you’ve dealt with a sign or symbol and you can share that with us if you like.

Hopefully, this article gives you a better idea of how symbols work. Improving your experience in many spheres of life, as a practitioner or not.

If you are further curious about how we work with symbols, we now offer a special experience based on a set of symbols we tapped in personally and which we found work effectively together with Reiki and on their own.

We called this the “Recalibration Set” and it’s based on 12+9 symbols of the Dragon Energy system uniquely crafted by Om Reiki Connection.

Soon we will organise an open night in the company of this interesting and vibrant method and we would love to invite you to it.

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Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection