How to fully benefit from Reiki

Why does Reiki make us feel so good? And not only this, why do we feel good receiving this flow of energy but we also feel good giving and practicing it? Is it possible to grow our experience within the Reiki system and how does this work?

Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who lived across the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century. His intention for the system wasn’t only to heal oneself or others but it was set up as a path to enlightenment.

This path was meant to be structured on 5 main pillars that would offer enough insight and experiences to unfold ultimate truths and valid resources to better the practitioner’s life on a physical and spiritual level.

As we have anticipated hands-on healing is one of the 5 pillars and indeed the one related to an aspect of contribution towards other fellow beings health and wellness and for this reason, a particularly important one. Undoubtedly the other 4 are the ones responsible predominantly for the personal growth of the practitioner allowing him or her to become even better in his/her capacity to channel or resonate with the Reiki energy, therefore, to contribute to others lives.

This specific characteristic of the Reiki system has in fact been in the wardrobe for a grand part of its history given the fact that Reiki owns much of its popularity to a lady named Hawayo Takata, who approached the system after Usui death from one of his students, more from a personal necessity to heal herself rather than to develop specific sides of her personality or soul. She was Japanese background but American by nationality and this is why nowadays schools of Reiki that come from the Takata lineage are considered to belong to the western practice which is majorly based on hands-on healing. Just recently, most precisely, in the last 20 years, it has been rediscovered what is to be considered the traditional Usui’s way or method of Reiki which bases equal importance to all the 5 pillars in order for the practitioner to self-develop beside offering the access of the Reiki energy to others for healing purposes.

You might be thinking now, how can this traditional practice offer me wellness and so much more. In this article we are going to take a deeper look at the Reiki system and why it’s so effective (not only for hands-on healing purposes).

Reiki Symbol

Let’s start by mentioning the 5 Pillars:

  1. Activations to the Reiki energy (so-called attunements) they are usually performed by a teacher, Master Level and received by the initiated during the course. An attunement is a valid tool that enables the initiated to tap widely into the energy or to recognise clearly the energy frequencies in order to resonate with it much smoothly and more profoundly.
  2. Meditations. They are specifically designed to get in touch to our deeper self or higher self (however you like to call it) and develop, or strengthen, the energetic muscles to favourite a healthy energetic body which assists with the transmission or resonance of the Reiki energy.
  3. Precepts. They are a set of 5 principles which are intended to regulate thought and behaviour in order to grow and to change the way the individual reacts or acts in front of the external or internal environment. (Physical reality or psycho mental and emotional).
  4. Mantras and Symbols. They are usually introduced in a Level 2 courses and they favourite a better connection to specific frequencies and to better focus the mind.
  5. Hands-on Healing. Is the most popular aspect of the Reiki system and it consists in offering energetic support to reach healthy behaviour on any level (Physical, mental and spiritual) coming from a practitioner to a so-called recipient (commonly known as a client).

When practiced enough in its entirety it is noticeable that these 5 pillars are not disconnected from one another instead they are correlated and the development of one of the aspects favourite the access and the development of the others.

This is the reason why if you are merely interested in the hands-on healing aspect of Reiki you will definitely benefit, and so your clients, from the practice and development of the other 4 pillars.

The ways we can benefit by applying the practice of the whole Reiki system are varied of course.

Reiki Hands

To mention a few:

  1. It helps to get rid of stagnancy getting more proactive and vital
  2. It is effective in the reexamination of the operating system which regulates our choices and actions, allowing us to be more of who we really are so to get what we really want and need
  3. It reduces stress and unwanted emotional and mental states
  4. It helps us to relate more harmoniously with others and with life circumstances
  5. It sustains physical, mental and emotional health
  6. Guarantees more presentness in the moment living more joyfully and productive
  7. Enhances our meditative state, therefore, the connection to our spiritual self
  8. Favourites the progression in any other aspects of life including other disciplines and practices without exclusion
  9. It doesn’t have counter effects if we exclude some rare initial reaction due to the removal of emotional or energetic blockages
  10. It promotes a positive contribution to other people lives
  11. It offers continuous growth and self-discovery

….and whatever else you feel like adding to the list.

It is obvious to say that an integrated practice rather than a one-off touch to these subjects is what promotes the development of the practitioner.

The system offers the possibility to let the energy flow in the body much more freely and balanced, contributing to a general feeling of well being.

As a consequence, you generally notice that you become a better person and even people and animals tend to notice that your much more pleasant to be around.

This will contribute positively to your clients and off course your wallet if you are a professional or intending to be one. Beside such outcomes it is obvious that by practising all aspects of the method you will gradually and incrementally notice personal growth and a better connection with the forces that regulate the world around you, living a more harmonious life.

With these examples, we offer only a spectacle of what is possible by practicing and developing an organic Reiki structure. It is obvious that everything can be generalized although every individual might experience things differently according to their stories and nature (where you are at and where you would like to be going).


It is natural that direct experience is much more valuable than anyone’s words including mine in this article and that is the reason why we always like to invite people (attuned or not) to our Reiki practices to have a glimpse of what is possible with Reiki.

Attending a course is obviously the next step forward to a better understanding and integration although it is possible to tap into certain information also spontaneously and through specific practices and experiences.

From personal experience, I have always had some sort of direct connections with energy fields around me and always thought that there would have been much more to explore. Reiki courses offered me the possibility to have a solid structure so as not to lose time in unnecessary d-tours, employing time and effort to find myself at the same starting place or developing very slowly. Instead, focussing energy and resources towards something valid and rewarding, nevertheless fulfilling and enlightening seemed to be what a Reiki course offered me.

Hopefully, this article offers you a better understanding of what is possible with Reiki and what are the possible benefits of it and how to fully benefit from it.

Feel free to ask questions or to attend one of our shares to have a clearer idea and a direct experience of it.

Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection