Would you choose a treatment for the Effects or for the Results?


In this months blog post, we are going to discuss the difference between effects and results as this represents an important piece of information to discriminate what is best for us and to be aware of our progress.

I am sure there is a distinction that does not come to mind often when we are undergoing a treatment.

It has happened in many cases during our experience as practitioners, to talk about specific effects that the treatment might manifest which is not always strictly related to the resulting outcome of it. Actually, mostly not rather than yes.

In fact, the two are rightly distinguished and they do not have to be accountable the same way for one another therefore for a treatment to be considered successful.

We might advance the speculation that most of the people like or at least tend to consider and value the effects of a treatment more than the result itself and this might be for multiple reasons that we are not going to explore here. Surely this attitude can be misleading.

There is nothing bad in liking the effects of a treatment. In fact, we can also say that they are key for us to understand that something is definitely happening within the body whether it be energetically, mentally, emotionally or physically. These feelings prompt us to understand what the body needs, or gives us messages to further develop something in particular.


Nevertheless, it is necessary to make some distinctions between the two.

When we book ourselves into that Reiki, or any other energy therapy treatment, or even reflexology or a massage, we usually perceive an effect while we are laying down on the bed having these done. Sometimes we feel relaxed, have some visions and feel certain sensations in the body. These are all common feelings that occur while undergoing some of these treatments.

The effects give us a glimpse of something extraordinary taking place, where our rational mind finally has no control over it. They give us, for this reason, I’d say a sense of reconnection with our deeper nature and freedom from the intellect and the subsequent manipulation of it, this could already represent a result like in the release of tightness or frustration.

Effects are beautiful components of a treatment in our opinion. This doesn’t mean that we praise them in favour of the actual results. It is in fact because of the result that most commonly we personally choose to become recipients.

Following this statement, the result is most likely strictly connected to the reason why we are looking for something. We might want to change or we want to improve something in our present status so we aim that with the treatment this would happen.

A result is something that is caused or produced by something else, a consequence or an outcome. Generally, if the drive is strong it can provide long-lasting change. Some results of this kind that we might experience while undergoing a treatment, maybe a change in decision making, a change in the way we deal with certain situations when they arise. The results can be key to real change we’d like to see in our lives but only if we give ourselves the space to go deep to bring the results to the surface. Most often results are not instantaneous, we notice them when coming back from the treatment we are reemerging in our ordinary and we notice them often when confronted with something we react differently from how we usually would.

To seek results in some situations we need to provide and develop awareness and attention otherwise we risk not to discover them and think that a session, without effects, has been useless.

This is the result prospective and let us tell you now that results, in our experience in specific therapies like the ones we do, can show up without any precise or sensible effect attached to them.


To say this in a more straightforward manner, you can receive a treatment that does not have any effects during the practice, yet it can show major results.

This says to us that the results have more fashion than effects although we must say that effects have their own importance because they are able to shift the sense of perception. In some sense, the effects are already demonstrating some results but are not 100 per cent indicative of the success of a practice. Only the results are. And this is true, independently from the fact that they are instantaneous or diluted in time.

We believe we could all relate to this in a very individual way and we encourage you to get in contact and share with us what is your position in what we are discussing here. This is of course merely a deduction from our perception and experience and not necessarily the undoubtable truth for everyone.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection