DE and ABM Workshop


In this workshop, you will be discovering your true nature and the ability to be the best version of yourself gaining the strength to create the life you want. The structure of this event enables you to break thoughts and emotional patterns, therefore, the possibility to build new and more effective ones and to restore clarity and focus promoting healing where needed.

By being attuned to a specific energy frequency called Dragon or Drako which enables you to activate your 3rd eye, favouring the flow from the base of the spine up and by working on  Mikao Usui’s precepts breaking the thought patterns and creating leverage on your personal attitudes and behaviours, you will be able to revisit those attributes of your life experience which contribute to your thriving process by offering the adequate resistance and transform obstacles in opportunities. With this format, you will be able to create a breakthrough which allows you to experience a sense of renewed energy and projection into a new reality of things.

The main subjects of this course are:

  • Introduction
  • Breaking the patterns and creating a space
  • Manifest-Action method analysis and keypoints.
  • Dragon energy mantras, meditation and attunement
  • Applied Breakthrough Meditation technique by applying the Dragon Energy and Mikao Usui’s precepts
  • Silent Meditation

Investment: €95

What will you get from this workshop?

You will have a strong platform to work on based on mantras and practical meditation techniques together with the ability to access your full potential immediately at any time by the use of a strong energy frequency which stimulates your Kundalini. Also, you will have the advantage of discovering how to get leverage on yourself and learn how to work practically on the aspects of life you want to dedicate more attention to manifest the life you want.

This particular outlet is recommended to anyone from beginners to all type of experienced meditators or practitioners.

On the first day, we will focus on the Dragon Energy with Meditations and mantras chanting, the ability to channel the Dragon Energy to help ourselves and others and you will have access to the steps necessary to manifest your goals being able to draft effective strategies to achieve them.

On the second day, we will specifically and practically work on Precept Meditation bringing out all these aspects of life that are holding you back causing you to resist personal and spiritual development being able to transform them into valuable instruments for your development. By using the 4 main meditation techniques which form, all together, an effective system you can put in place any time is needed so to be in control of your feelings, emotions, actions, choices and life as a consequence discovering your true potential!

A bit about the practice

Meditation and Energy work played a big role in my personal development and still plays a big role in my life.

I practice every day and every day it offers me new perspectives, it helps me get out of stagnant thought patterns and create constructive ones. We will start by creating a space and activating your Chakras by breathing and light movement exercises, to be more sensitive and responsive to energy fields within and around you.

Meditation and energy have depth. What does this mean? It means that the more you do it, the more you discover a new layer, a new corner, a new stimulus, a new fascinating side of things and yourself, basically, there is the possibility of infinite growth.

This and much more are the aspects of meditation and energy work that enable you to make the difference and enable you to create the life you want for yourself. These aspects are practical and applicable to your daily life experience.

You might portray Meditation to be sitting in a place with your eyes closed waiting for something to happen and bored to death waiting for the gong to play the end of it.

Thinking and stressing out that you should be thoughtless whilst your mind is running from a corner to another of the universe instead, waiting for spiritual revelations that will transform your life from a frog to a Prince or a Princess (there is nothing wrong with being a frog first of all), transcend to parallel forms of reality where the essence of life has revealed to you all of this can be a deceiving picture of what Meditation should be so here we go that one time you have tried it, you are then ready to give it up.

Re-joy yourself!! Meditation can be fun, colourful, useful and you could be capable of bringing some presents home with it. Applying what you have learned about yourself to your ordinary life in order to transform it and manifest the best you want from it is possible.

Yes, this is not a dream, this is all possible, all you need is dedication, application, perseverance and the right tools. You can make a change when you face your responsibility, no one can do it for you so you can stop wasting your time waiting for it and take action instead!!

With meditation, you can really be the change you want to see for yourself.

In addition to this, you will be attuned to a particular energy frequency called Dragon Energy which is highly effective to bring you immediately in a space of comfort and self-confidence, being able to see the possibilities.

Dragon Energy (DE) follows a system I have developed personally which is based on Mantras, Meditations and a symbol. DE can be used in any circumstance, to regain clarity, feel balanced, to feel centred and ready to act. Dragon Energy provides and helps you reconnect with that space where you are in touch with your true nature and feel empowered.

Dragon Energy helps instantaneously with the release of tensions with a remarkable sense of lightness. Its effect has a dragon flame like feeling which expands within your energetic body, therefore its name (which I also think sounds cool)

Once your Chakras will be activated and you will be reconnected with the strength of the energy within and around you, you will be ready to work out your energetic, emotional and intellectual muscles even more to reach the best result you can.

To create a shifting result and to stimulate a breakthrough we will go through DE mantras by chanting and attunement. You then will experience your true potential by activating the DE and working on Mikao Usui’s principles, you will meditate on them and apply them to your personal life experience.

We will have discussions and I will go through a personal verbal intervention on your own situation if necessary and we will end with a final silent meditation where we will call on the DE energy to help maintain high energy levels and assist with activating your own self-healing powers.


“I definitely feel a shift, whilst I was focusing on the precepts within the group, it has helped me release a very old habit of smoking. This is something I have been trying to stop for many years and since the session and smoking the pack I had, I now no longer smoke. It is not even a thought that crosses my mind even in stressful or social situations which usually were my peak times for smoking.”

“Your explanations using stories, examples and comparisons were excellent and easy to understand and I’m sure gave confidence to the participants including myself.”

“It was an exciting workshop, providing valuable information on techniques to remove obstacles towards becoming more authentic. Your methodology is simply structured and suitable for any person, experienced in meditation practice or not.”

“You offer a gift for others to awaken and/or explore their inner spiritual self, to become more self-aware and to shake off negative emotions that cloud logical thinking and behaviours whilst aiming for a sustained level of contentment, is unique and I am grateful to be part of your first group.”

“Thanks Giampi for such an empowering workshop, I’ve already started using the Dragon Energy and ABM techniques.”

“Giampi’s take on spirituality is functional and practical, thereby making it accessible.
I had one session and felt the change in my energy level. The focused meditation he teaches is powerful stuff”

During the process we will interrupt emotional, behavioural and thought patterns that are disempowering you, substituting them with more functional ones; creating alternatives conditioning the new empowering patterns and ensuring a lasting change. Introducing energy work and meditation in your life with the various techniques discovered.

The workshop starts at 10am and it can go for up to 6 hours depending on the number of participants.

This is a proper workout that can change your life experience forever!