Would you choose a treatment for the Effects or for the Results?


In this months blog post, we are going to discuss the difference between effects and results as this represents an important piece of information to discriminate what is best for us and to be aware of our progress.

I am sure there is a distinction that does not come to mind often when we are undergoing a treatment.

It has happened in many cases during our experience as practitioners, to talk about specific effects that the treatment might manifest which is not always strictly related to the resulting outcome of it. Actually, mostly not rather than yes.

In fact, the two are rightly distinguished and they do not have to be accountable the same way for one another therefore for a treatment to be considered successful.

We might advance the speculation that most of the people like or at least tend to consider and value the effects of a treatment more than the result itself and this might be for multiple reasons that we are not going to explore here. Surely this attitude can be misleading.

There is nothing bad in liking the effects of a treatment. In fact, we can also say that they are key for us to understand that something is definitely happening within the body whether it be energetically, mentally, emotionally or physically. These feelings prompt us to understand what the body needs, or gives us messages to further develop something in particular.


Nevertheless, it is necessary to make some distinctions between the two.

When we book ourselves into that Reiki, or any other energy therapy treatment, or even reflexology or a massage, we usually perceive an effect while we are laying down on the bed having these done. Sometimes we feel relaxed, have some visions and feel certain sensations in the body. These are all common feelings that occur while undergoing some of these treatments.

The effects give us a glimpse of something extraordinary taking place, where our rational mind finally has no control over it. They give us, for this reason, I’d say a sense of reconnection with our deeper nature and freedom from the intellect and the subsequent manipulation of it, this could already represent a result like in the release of tightness or frustration.

Effects are beautiful components of a treatment in our opinion. This doesn’t mean that we praise them in favour of the actual results. It is in fact because of the result that most commonly we personally choose to become recipients.

Following this statement, the result is most likely strictly connected to the reason why we are looking for something. We might want to change or we want to improve something in our present status so we aim that with the treatment this would happen.

A result is something that is caused or produced by something else, a consequence or an outcome. Generally, if the drive is strong it can provide long-lasting change. Some results of this kind that we might experience while undergoing a treatment, maybe a change in decision making, a change in the way we deal with certain situations when they arise. The results can be key to real change we’d like to see in our lives but only if we give ourselves the space to go deep to bring the results to the surface. Most often results are not instantaneous, we notice them when coming back from the treatment we are reemerging in our ordinary and we notice them often when confronted with something we react differently from how we usually would.

To seek results in some situations we need to provide and develop awareness and attention otherwise we risk not to discover them and think that a session, without effects, has been useless.

This is the result prospective and let us tell you now that results, in our experience in specific therapies like the ones we do, can show up without any precise or sensible effect attached to them.


To say this in a more straightforward manner, you can receive a treatment that does not have any effects during the practice, yet it can show major results.

This says to us that the results have more fashion than effects although we must say that effects have their own importance because they are able to shift the sense of perception. In some sense, the effects are already demonstrating some results but are not 100 per cent indicative of the success of a practice. Only the results are. And this is true, independently from the fact that they are instantaneous or diluted in time.

We believe we could all relate to this in a very individual way and we encourage you to get in contact and share with us what is your position in what we are discussing here. This is of course merely a deduction from our perception and experience and not necessarily the undoubtable truth for everyone.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection

How to fully benefit from Reiki

Why does Reiki make us feel so good? And not only this, why do we feel good receiving this flow of energy but we also feel good giving and practicing it? Is it possible to grow our experience within the Reiki system and how does this work?

Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui, a Japanese man who lived across the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century. His intention for the system wasn’t only to heal oneself or others but it was set up as a path to enlightenment.

This path was meant to be structured on 5 main pillars that would offer enough insight and experiences to unfold ultimate truths and valid resources to better the practitioner’s life on a physical and spiritual level.

As we have anticipated hands-on healing is one of the 5 pillars and indeed the one related to an aspect of contribution towards other fellow beings health and wellness and for this reason, a particularly important one. Undoubtedly the other 4 are the ones responsible predominantly for the personal growth of the practitioner allowing him or her to become even better in his/her capacity to channel or resonate with the Reiki energy, therefore, to contribute to others lives.

This specific characteristic of the Reiki system has in fact been in the wardrobe for a grand part of its history given the fact that Reiki owns much of its popularity to a lady named Hawayo Takata, who approached the system after Usui death from one of his students, more from a personal necessity to heal herself rather than to develop specific sides of her personality or soul. She was Japanese background but American by nationality and this is why nowadays schools of Reiki that come from the Takata lineage are considered to belong to the western practice which is majorly based on hands-on healing. Just recently, most precisely, in the last 20 years, it has been rediscovered what is to be considered the traditional Usui’s way or method of Reiki which bases equal importance to all the 5 pillars in order for the practitioner to self-develop beside offering the access of the Reiki energy to others for healing purposes.

You might be thinking now, how can this traditional practice offer me wellness and so much more. In this article we are going to take a deeper look at the Reiki system and why it’s so effective (not only for hands-on healing purposes).

Reiki Symbol

Let’s start by mentioning the 5 Pillars:

  1. Activations to the Reiki energy (so-called attunements) they are usually performed by a teacher, Master Level and received by the initiated during the course. An attunement is a valid tool that enables the initiated to tap widely into the energy or to recognise clearly the energy frequencies in order to resonate with it much smoothly and more profoundly.
  2. Meditations. They are specifically designed to get in touch to our deeper self or higher self (however you like to call it) and develop, or strengthen, the energetic muscles to favourite a healthy energetic body which assists with the transmission or resonance of the Reiki energy.
  3. Precepts. They are a set of 5 principles which are intended to regulate thought and behaviour in order to grow and to change the way the individual reacts or acts in front of the external or internal environment. (Physical reality or psycho mental and emotional).
  4. Mantras and Symbols. They are usually introduced in a Level 2 courses and they favourite a better connection to specific frequencies and to better focus the mind.
  5. Hands-on Healing. Is the most popular aspect of the Reiki system and it consists in offering energetic support to reach healthy behaviour on any level (Physical, mental and spiritual) coming from a practitioner to a so-called recipient (commonly known as a client).

When practiced enough in its entirety it is noticeable that these 5 pillars are not disconnected from one another instead they are correlated and the development of one of the aspects favourite the access and the development of the others.

This is the reason why if you are merely interested in the hands-on healing aspect of Reiki you will definitely benefit, and so your clients, from the practice and development of the other 4 pillars.

The ways we can benefit by applying the practice of the whole Reiki system are varied of course.

Reiki Hands

To mention a few:

  1. It helps to get rid of stagnancy getting more proactive and vital
  2. It is effective in the reexamination of the operating system which regulates our choices and actions, allowing us to be more of who we really are so to get what we really want and need
  3. It reduces stress and unwanted emotional and mental states
  4. It helps us to relate more harmoniously with others and with life circumstances
  5. It sustains physical, mental and emotional health
  6. Guarantees more presentness in the moment living more joyfully and productive
  7. Enhances our meditative state, therefore, the connection to our spiritual self
  8. Favourites the progression in any other aspects of life including other disciplines and practices without exclusion
  9. It doesn’t have counter effects if we exclude some rare initial reaction due to the removal of emotional or energetic blockages
  10. It promotes a positive contribution to other people lives
  11. It offers continuous growth and self-discovery

….and whatever else you feel like adding to the list.

It is obvious to say that an integrated practice rather than a one-off touch to these subjects is what promotes the development of the practitioner.

The system offers the possibility to let the energy flow in the body much more freely and balanced, contributing to a general feeling of well being.

As a consequence, you generally notice that you become a better person and even people and animals tend to notice that your much more pleasant to be around.

This will contribute positively to your clients and off course your wallet if you are a professional or intending to be one. Beside such outcomes it is obvious that by practising all aspects of the method you will gradually and incrementally notice personal growth and a better connection with the forces that regulate the world around you, living a more harmonious life.

With these examples, we offer only a spectacle of what is possible by practicing and developing an organic Reiki structure. It is obvious that everything can be generalized although every individual might experience things differently according to their stories and nature (where you are at and where you would like to be going).


It is natural that direct experience is much more valuable than anyone’s words including mine in this article and that is the reason why we always like to invite people (attuned or not) to our Reiki practices to have a glimpse of what is possible with Reiki.

Attending a course is obviously the next step forward to a better understanding and integration although it is possible to tap into certain information also spontaneously and through specific practices and experiences.

From personal experience, I have always had some sort of direct connections with energy fields around me and always thought that there would have been much more to explore. Reiki courses offered me the possibility to have a solid structure so as not to lose time in unnecessary d-tours, employing time and effort to find myself at the same starting place or developing very slowly. Instead, focussing energy and resources towards something valid and rewarding, nevertheless fulfilling and enlightening seemed to be what a Reiki course offered me.

Hopefully, this article offers you a better understanding of what is possible with Reiki and what are the possible benefits of it and how to fully benefit from it.

Feel free to ask questions or to attend one of our shares to have a clearer idea and a direct experience of it.

Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection

The Importance of Symbolism

We see them everywhere, every country, every culture, every street, every religion or spiritual branch and discipline.

At each one their own family of signs and symbols in any shape and form.

Some symbols have a private understanding and some others are even recognized worldwide. They carry a meaning, an intention, a projection which we generally feel, absorb, embody, resonate with, understand or comprehend responding in a certain way. The response can be active or passive of course. It can be an action or a pause, a change in tendencies or a new or restored attitude.

Words and languages are made of them, so often symbols have a sound associated.

Above is an example that symbols can be simple or complex, this means that one symbol might have more symbols as part of its nature.

Beside a meaning, a message or even a sound, symbols have more often a certain power attached to them.

“The world is governed by symbols and signs, not laws and rules” – Confucius

Yeah power, this power can be attributed and increased depending on the amount of consciousness or attention associated or which relates to that specific symbol.

Let’s recall company logos for example.

Although they are there representing or making a company recognisable, they also have the power to represent, increase and infuse the potency of them. This is valid for any energy source being it a company, a person or just any frequency, esoteric entity or message. They can express the potency or they can acquire more of that by being exposed to consciousness (individuals).

They are eye catchy and together with that, they are direct, immediate and effective.

Why is this? Well, this specifically I don’t quite recall. To find an answer to the question we shall perhaps look into the mechanism and laws under what the universe elaborates and manifests, hence vibrations.

A visual experience of this is provided by something called Cymatics. Search it up on the net and you will have an idea.

In this case, we can practically see how a specific message or vibration is translated into a visible and individual sign or symbol by the use of sand which is situated on a platform resonating on specific vibrations.

In this experience, we notice how vibration is related to a specific organization of the matter (sand) producing a determined symbol. In fact, a different vibration corresponds to a different result. This experiment gets even more interesting when water is added to the equation.

If you agree that everything is energy vibrating to a different frequency or to a group of frequencies it is easy to imagine that energy can take different forms and characteristics.

So if a letter or a word can carry a specific meaning, same as words and letters, even an abstract sign can custody a deeper and more occult power or message.

To better understand how this works practically though let’s take the street sign for example.

This is just a broad example as a street sign has a more conventional way to work, in the sense that if you don’t know what that sign exactly means then you probably ignore its related message. Surely though when you see a symbol even when you don’t recognise its meaning, you are always drawn into it with a certain degree of attention.

For the sake of the example, street signs still work very well as an explanation.

Imagine you are driving on a road and you see a “give way” sign on the side of the road. That specific sign might tell you a variety of things, for instance: that there will be a crossroads ahead and this is very valuable information. It will also have embedded within its message the fact that you might want to start slowing down, pay extra attention to the dynamics of the road and eventually considering to stop if there are other cars coming from another direction to avoid a collision.

I am sure you can find a plethora of other hidden messages that activate our nervous response in a certain way in relation to this signal and surely everyone will adopt an individual response to what the sign suggests, (some could also ignore it!).

We apologize for the comparison but just like street signals, other mystical symbols operate in the same way, filtering specific energy, which represents the message they carry to stimulate an individual response accordingly.

I often and personally refer to symbols as filters. I see them as something that cuts off the whole universal energy to address a specific part of it. In fact a specific frequency. Just like a specific positioning of your lips could represent the difference between the pronunciation of the vowel “A” and the vowel “O”.

In this analogy, the two sounds have two different messages represented by the vibrating air coming from your throat. The lips can be interpreted as the symbol that filters the air in a specific way to produce the related sound, therefore, spreading its unique message.

Hopefully, these analogies have worked in our favor attempting to explain how a symbol can work in filtering universal energy. In conclusion, this filter, the symbol, allows us to resonate to the specific messages or intentions they carry with the related consequences.

We anticipated the intention that can be associated with a specific symbol.

This meaning the specific effect associated with the symbol when something is exposed to it. Effects can result in short or long term.

Following this idea we can now better understand how symbols have the power they have and how they can practically interfere with human emotions and state of mind, not mentioning consciousness and physical responses (like we have seen in cymatics).

Obviously, there has to be a certain degree of acceptance or openness or exposure for them to function. This said we can appreciate that our will ultimately might decide the effectiveness of the symbol (same like ignoring a street sign).

For the sake of the discussion, it is fair to mention that we use symbols in our practices, Reiki, Pellowah and Dragon Energy, we intend to focus and enhance the work of specific resonances within the whole general force of the energy. This is ultimately intended for the highest good of ourselves and others.

I am sure you have come across other experiences when you’ve dealt with a sign or symbol and you can share that with us if you like.

Hopefully, this article gives you a better idea of how symbols work. Improving your experience in many spheres of life, as a practitioner or not.

If you are further curious about how we work with symbols, we now offer a special experience based on a set of symbols we tapped in personally and which we found work effectively together with Reiki and on their own.

We called this the “Recalibration Set” and it’s based on 12+9 symbols of the Dragon Energy system uniquely crafted by Om Reiki Connection.

Soon we will organise an open night in the company of this interesting and vibrant method and we would love to invite you to it.

Our event is not scheduled yet so stay tuned at OMRC.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection

Some thoughts about Reiki …

Many people I have come across, have redundant questions or doubts about certain aspects of Energy practices in specific Reiki.

You often hear voices around creating different beliefs and you’ve probably thought to yourself, as I did myself once, or you’re new to energy modalities and therefore you’re probably thinking about it. What exactly is Reiki and where does this energy come from? Is it possible to catch bad energies? Am I onboarding the client’s Karmic experiences? How is it possible to transmit energy through distance? Is there any actual energy moving?

Let’s take this from the last question. It’s often thought that we transmit our own positive energy as a practitioner to the clients, however, this is in fact not the case, as with most energy modalities, we are the instruments that direct and pass peripheral energy over to our clients.

Reiki loosely translates to “universal life energy”, or often referred to as chi energy. This energy can be found within us and it’s always surrounding us, as practitioners, we work with that energy during a session to help align, balance and transmit more of that force to clients, this has been known to have significant benefits whether it be physical, emotional and spiritual.

We being bold enough to take the challenge even further and advance our own theory about how all of this is working, calling in the concept of resonance.

In fact, it is our opinion that there is not an actual movement of energy from A to B in the sense that our mind would conceive (for example like water flowing into the river bed). We sustain the hypothesis that it all works through the intention to create or establish a resonance between different bodies at the level of energy states and frequencies.

To give you an example it is a little bit like how sound works. The sound moves by the structure or molecules of the air from a source body (A- the speaker of the sound system) to a receiver body (B- the ear of a person for example). The air molecules are favoring the sound movement by resonating, in turn, expansively and in an organized manner, to a specific source of frequency (the sound itself). So we can say that the mean of transport is the air through resonance. There is no movement of the actual air from A to B. It just carries the sound through vibration (we are not discussing the micromovements of the air molecules but we are referring to an actual flow movement as if it is water on a river). At the same time, we say that the sound (the actual vibration which contains or represents the information passed from A to B) is moving.

In the case of Reiki or other energies we consider the prana (and perhaps other energetically based body structures such as astral or supramental for example) to be the means of transport of the energy (like the air does for the sound) and the source to be the subject of the intention itself (Reiki energy, Divine, Ascended Masters, Symbols and so on). The information is represented by the aspects of the source of intention.

Whatever you focus on creates a ripple that resonates at the frequency of the subject of your focus. By you resonating at that precise frequency somebody else can open themselves to you accepting to resonate at the same frequency as you and as a consequence, inevitably tuning into the same energy source and related aspects.

Another visual example of this can be the Mexican wave in a stadium. Have you ever seen it? People from different vertical rows of the stadium stand up in an organized way giving the effect of a wave going around. The information (standing up) in this case is passed from person to person which react to it but no one is actually moving horizontally, except the information itself.

Hope this is making sense.

So recapitulating. If the information is a resonance with universal force during Reiki practice, the practitioners intent to resonate at the frequency of the source providing a vehicle (just like the air for the sound) with his or her energetic body. When somebody (the so-called recipient or client) decides to intentionally open to this frequency and to the practitioner as a vehicle, he or she will automatically become the carrier of the frequency and information with all the related rebalancing aspects.

For this reason, it will be explained why, while performing Reiki, a practitioner can never intake bad energy from a client unless the practitioner itself decides to intentionally tune into some sort of “negative” source instead of the original Reiki one.


Practice comes in handy!

Practice is the mother of skills. In fact, practice will help the practitioner with the stillness of the mind and the recognising of the benevolent source avoiding drifting away from the original intention (tuning into Reiki).

When the state of mind reflects a particular beneficial energy and source frequencies, only this information can travel through. In this way, you don’t shift your focus and you are stable enough not to tune into somebody else’s field of resonance (like the one of the clients for example).

It is practically impossible to catch somebody else’s energy if you aim intentionally to work with Reiki, so to resonate with Reiki and Reiki only. You can set a strong intention just prior to the start of any session and that will do. Your intention would have nailed your choice of source down on a subconscious level and together with the experienced gathered during training of stillness you will be able to stabilize much more to that benevolent frequency.

To some extent, the thought of catching bad energies or seeing entities, are merely consequences of inappropriate or inaccurate mental projections of yourself that you convince yourself to be true.

Some people also often refer to Karma collection when operating with Reiki.

In this case, too, talking about Reiki, I personally don’t believe there is such recollection of the other beings karma. We are producing Karma, maybe or certainly, but our own and no others. We continuously interact with each other and with the universe, therefore, gathering karmic experiences of all sort. If your intention is pure and genuine during the Reiki practice I doubt you will be collecting so-called bad karma or any other person’s karma, in this case, one of the recipients we are working with.

Just because you consciously decided to resonate at a universal frequency and somebody else decided to intentionally follow you resonating at the frequency you resonate in my humble opinion doesn’t give enough evidence to let me think that I can become responsible for the other person’s actions, thoughts or experiences.

There will be just a Karmic experience related to your choice and actions and not necessarily something to do with onboarding the other person’s Karma, you are not aiming to become responsible for the other person’s action and choices you are just aiming to provide resonance for the higher good of the client, yourself and the Universe as a whole this is your Karma. What the other person is going to do with that information you provided or resonated with, is not your business at all.

You take your responsibilities and the recipient takes their own. No more and no less. Unless you are trying to force a situation deciding ego-consciously (if that make sense), for example by forcefully practicing Reiki on somebody without their consent or by not detaching from the outcome because a certain result would make you look good. In these cases, I admit that there could be a funny ripple in the interaction but just because of the intention you carry and not the action itself.

Same would apply in a scenario when you are inspiring a person by doing or saying something noble and honorable. It would be in this case true that if somebody else decides to follow your example hence resonating at your energy frequency at that moment you will have to gather their karma? I honestly don’t think so.

Anyway, this is just the subject of a personal reflection and the way I decided to see it because it makes sense to me.

Hopefully, this has been clarified once for all and could have been helpful for some folks out there who had the question in their mind. I don’t hide the fact, and it is clear, that once I questioned this as well and I finally found a theory and some practical results to back this up.

The same idea will provide valuable information on how Reiki can be performed by distance. Not requiring any physical movement of energy but just by resonance, energy can move through the etheric and subtle system form a source to a recipient just by the means of intention and the action of tuning in.

It is a little bit like the WiFi system if you like, without the limitation of the strictly physical world we think we live in.

We hope this has helped clarify some aspects of how Reiki and other energetic systems work. I must say that this is just my interpretation of the dynamics which I reached through intuition and a progressive meditative process.

It could be debated by many, and denied by others. It can definitely be refined and improved and it works so far in the way I operate. It helps by making sense to my rational mind so it works perfectly fine for me.

If you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact us.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection

What is Pellowah? How can it impact your life?

There is not one real way to refer to what Pellowah is. Like anything else it really can be just another ingredient that makes you so special. All of your choices, all of your ideas, all of your mistakes and experiences that make your life an extraordinary flow towards self-realization, extending to you all you want to give in this world. Pellowah is just that. It is you on another level of consciousness. You being conscious of yourself. There would be millions of words to describe what Pellowah really is, just as it would be for life because each of us would give it its own definition, colour, sound, and shape.

For this reason, we have decided to stay on the ground and define Pellowah as a specific vibration which resonates with the highest of source enabling the individual to tap into their inner or higher self in order to proceed harmoniously in this journey we call life.

Technically, from personal experience, we can also say that this vibration relates more particularly to our Astral body or Manomaya Kosha or Theta waves depending on what idea you have of the unfolding of consciousness through manifestation up to the physical.

As a consequence of the initiation of this form of vibration called Pellowah, the individual realizes a higher, progressive and expanded view of his/her condition. This then leads to growth in a less traumatic way by getting rid of blockages and traumas, intervening on the operating system and modeling a more effective framework.
Energy is essentially within us and around us all the time, however, we don’t consciously connect with it all the time unless we are very open and in tune to it.

In the case of Pellowah, there are two main ways to experience this energy, through treatments and activations. These activations are performed in the course and there are three-course levels. Level one gives you the opportunity to share this wonderful experience with others by becoming a practitioner. In the second and third you are able to connect to your higher form and hence fulfill your own true mission in this life.

The courses consist of meditations, attunements, followed by practical activities. The second level extends the Pellowah vibration by connecting to a synopsis of 7 symbols which can be drawn and meditated upon. The third course is the teaching experience and its aim is to generate a heightened state of consciousness.

I remember my first Pellowah treatment experience, it was during the course when I completed Level 1 & 2. I didn’t have many expectations going into the course, it was my first experience learning a particular energy healing modality, I had never done Reiki before either. I was pretty excited going into the course but I must admit that a part of me had absolutely no idea what to expect and I kinda thought that maybe I wouldn’t feel anything at all. Well, boy was I wrong. I felt lots of energy go through my body and then began to sense that the practitioner was actually touching me on a particular part of my body, but I knew that it couldn’t be the case as Pellowah is a non-contact technique. I then felt as if I had drifted off to someplace, almost like a dream state and it felt like I was in the abyss, a place, and space of nothingness. I must admit it felt pretty good and once the healing was finished it really gave me a whole lot of clarity and everything seemed to be totally achievable, in reach and nothing was complicated. I started to really grasp the flow of life after experiencing Pellowah and it’s funny but the actual practice of giving Pellowah is definitely a real flow of movement.

Since I experienced it for the first time I knew this was something I definitely wanted to share with others giving them the opportunity to experience such feelings. That is the reason why I walked the path to the third level and decided not only to give treatments but also teach it around the world. Pellowah is a technique predominately popular in Australia at the moment and I felt it was part of my mission to bring the beauty of it to Europe and contribute on a much greater scale to the huge shifts in consciousness that are already taking place on this side of the world.

Since then, many people have confirmed positively that it was a wise choice. The feedback received from those who already received treatments or became practitioners has given us an indescribable reward. You can be next! You might find yourself aligned and ready for this vibration, it usually is a genuine sense of attraction or curiosity.

If that is the case, it is a pleasure for us to give you the opportunity to participate in one of our upcoming courses or you could give a 45 min Pellowah treatment a go. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or queries about Pellowah or anything else that we do, please get in touch.


Giampietro & Jade

Co-founders of Om Reiki Connection

The Power of Manifestation

Awareness of our infinite potential as human beings is crucial to seeing the realization that we can actually manifest anything we tune in to. Responding to the laws of the universe we have the same creative power that generates everything we are able to see and beyond. This power can be used at will in presence of awareness.

When this is the case, intention and attention are the two skills that need to be developed first so to communicate back and forth clearly to this universal potential.

Besides the voluntary attunement we must forge an idea and set a goal that we intend to pursue; one that is attached to a valid reason. A reason which is strong and deep enough to be able to transform a “want” into a “need”. This process of transformation from “want” to “need” is also considered in the process of deepening the reason.

Once you have set awareness and attention on a goal with a strong reason attached to it, it is possible to start a procedure of rewiring the system on which we act and react responding to internal and external representations. This is to find a way of manifestation.

This also consists in developing a valuable plan, strategy, and routine which will continuously work on attracting all the elements necessary to the achievement of the goal.

It is in this point that it’s crucial to discover how important the vibrations generated by the state we bring ourselves in during such a process. This last element is the one responsible for the attraction of external and manifested factors consisting in what we call external reality. It is with the use of visualization and projections of the goal, together with a specific inbuilt filtering system called RAS (Reticular Activating System, a system which allows us to detect in the external environment what is filtered by our focus) that we can effectively proceed to the manifestation of our idea into the physical reality.

One important thing to put attention on: the universe doesn’t recognise the difference between something that is good for us and something that is adverse to us. It doesn’t require this cognitive accessory as it just responds to the vibrations that are transmitted regardless. For this reason, it is better to be sound and clear about our intentions and very attentive to the details of our thoughts!

I can honestly say from personal experience that I’ve attempted and succeeded repeatedly, tuning into the power of manifestation as an effective phenomenon to pursue my goals.

And I am sure you can also recall at least one experience when you could describe the same happening to you.

Moving to Berlin is one example of them.

About 2 years ago I was living in Melbourne with my wife and we were starting to feel the urge to leave and move back to Europe, it was around this time we had to let our landlord know if we would renew the lease or move out. We basically just set ourselves up comfortably in Melbourne so the thought of moving was not extremely appealing from a comfort point of view.  With this though decision came many sleepless nights trying to determine if our urge was because we were seeking adventure or it was an actual calling and that it was something that was meant to be. We finally decided to leave behind comfort and set for the uncertainty that was driving us towards the achievement of our dreams and visions. This meant that we would have the next 4 months to sell most of our newly bought furniture and start the packing, considering we were leaving comfortable and remunerative jobs and careers to set towards something totally unknown except our ideas.

After setting our minds towards new horizons, everything was flowing until closer to moving day, the mind started to play some tricks. The comfort feeling we decided to leave behind kicked in and started to suggest some security questions: ”Why are you doing this? Take it easy, things are picking up with business, why leave now? You have a great job and income why give up this opportunity?” It was a feeling that I could recognise because it’s happened to me before so I didn’t give it much power and just continued in the direction I was headed. Long story short, we had some other obstacles along this journey and we were considering moving to Italy, we were also tempted by the old reminiscence of London but the heart definitely wanted to go to Berlin. The obstacles came together with solutions then something happened that made our dream of moving to Berlin a reality and everything fell into place for our October 2017 move.

When I look back now, the time we spent in Melbourne deciding what to do,  I can see that our fears, insecurities, and doubts were just the resistance necessary to strengthen ourselves. They generate reflections and priorities that we would have found crucial in the future. Our main focus of manifestation was wanting to live in Berlin, presented more striving opportunities to manifest the intentions. The visions recalled intensively were the fond memories of our trips to Berlin years earlier when we lived in London, it was that feeling that drove the manifestation forward and collaborated with the laws of the Universe.

Law of attraction combined with a plan of action has been determinant to the present we are living and we are so grateful to have done what we have done. Meeting exceptional and new people along the way, setting up projects that have helped us grow ulteriorly and contributed to support others in their journeys. The foundation of new visions and projects have added to the excitement of what we have already achieved. This is just a fragment of what we can see when we look at our present and feel the gratitude of this moment.

This is to say that ways exist to use what you have to move towards the realization of an excellent life. Excellence away from perfection, let’s state this clearly.

It is for these reasons that we felt compelled to reassume some of the concepts, ideas, tools, and strategies that we learned, discovered, fabricated and finally used on our journey of manifestation so that others can embark themselves on a beautiful and graceful journey of their own.

We put all of this knowledge together and we packed it up in a short guide written with great humility for those who are attempting to discover something new.

A guide of which we felt bold enough to offer on Amazon and mention in this article, please visit our homepage for the direct link to the Amazon eBook. 

Feel free to follow that link and read the first few paragraphs in the sample and get yourself a copy if you feel it resonates with you.

Take your time, respect your ideas and present position, each one has its own, but take advantage if you feel some of the gold we think we have struck in the pages of this companion. Read the lines of it repeatedly and in different time and space as sometimes we are not ready for specific detail in the present we are living and instead results are more significant on other occasions.

Read it, love it, share it, criticise it if you want, and please share with us your feedback or a story of you that is significant for this subject. Or contact us for support if you need. We are here to listen and we are here to contribute to your journey with love as I am sure you will contribute to ours.

Actually, we are taking this very change to thank you very much already because if you are receiving this email you have already given us enough trust for us to see how beautiful life can be when we take courageous decisions. When we share our journeys with people who think and love to support each other in one way or another.

Thank you for being you and hope to hear from you soon at some point again and in some way.



Founder of Om Reiki Connection

Practicing Self-care: Some tips to a healthier lifestyle!

How important is this topic to you? Have you given it any thought? Do you purposely put aside time for yourself? Well, you can and perhaps it’s a good idea too! In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of self-care and how it can enhance your everything. Giving yourself the time to practice self-care is essential to a harmonious life full of vitality and well-being.

Let’s be honest, It’s very easy to get caught up in the cogwheel of life, you have a very busy week at work, therefore you start to feel stressed and pressured with deadlines, you’ve jam-packed your calendar with a load of work/social events, then it’s inevitable that you would cancel that yoga session you so badly wanted to attend, or that meditation class that’s been on your mind for a long time. My point is that we get so caught up with life that we forget we are the main contributors in it and that we too need some nurturing and a bit of TLC to keep up with it all, so essentially it is actually vital that we take very good care of ourselves and work on what we think our priorities are.

This is a lesson I learned since I’ve started to be more consistent in my routine. I’ve been structured with my morning self-care routine, even whilst I was traveling, I continued to do it, nothing stopped me! The benefits I noticed, after a short while, were remarkable. What was once a circuit of stagnation was replaced by my strong will and reason to make a change in something for the better. The results made my eagerness in continuing much stronger.

I want to share it with you so you might take some inspiration or ideas. I give myself 30-60 minutes (obviously you can reduce the time) first thing in the morning to perform my kriyas. The word Kriya is a Sanskrit term that means “completed action.” These consist of 8 tasks as follows:

  1. The scrapping of the tongue – I use a tablespoon to scrape off all the white residue that is left on my tongue after a big nights sleep, do it until you see your tongue is mostly pink or the saliva on the spoon is mostly a clear colour.
  2. Rubbing salt on your gums – I use bio-sea salt for this and gently massage up to down on my gums without swallowing the salt, then I spit out the salt using water to get it all out.
  3. Neti pot nasal cleanse – I use 125ml warm water and a ½ teaspoon of salt to clean one nostril at a time, if you put the neti pot in one nostril you will see the water trickle out of the other, vice versa**.
  4. Eyewash – I gently splash my eyes with water, keeping my eyes fairly open so the water enters the eyes.
  5. Silent meditation – I find a quiet space and sit down for 10-15 minutes of silent meditation.
  6. Few minutes of expressing gratitude.
  7. A little yoga to start the day.
  8. Give myself some Reiki time.

**You can buy a neti pot online. If you search it on the internet you’ll find a lot of information and videos on how to use it correctly**

By dedicating this time to my well-being it gives me a sense of self-love and connection with myself. Giving yourself that time for self-care could also mean going for a walk, singing, dancing, sitting in silence, whatever it is that gives you that moment of clarity, peace and harmony to live the rest of the day in bliss, even when we need to do those least favourite tasks. When we feel in balance, the environment around us adapts to our vibration and if we are vibrating at our optimum level then have a guess at what will surround us? So decide what your kryas will be, start the day with a completed task, as simple as it is.

This will help you set the filter with which you will look through your day and many more tasks and ideas will then become achievable.

Adopting this type of mindset will enable you to break established disempowering patterns, allowing new energies and initiatives to come into your life and as a result getting out of stagnation. In case you are on a good roll already, kryas will make sure you will never run out of your vitality and openness to new opportunities with the guarantee of always being aware of your self-care and self-love.

Any questions, comments, feedback, quick hello’s, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. 🙂

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

– Anne Lamott


Founder of Om Reiki Connection

*Please note that these are observations coming from personal experience only, results might vary from individual and shouldn’t be substituted for any undergoing therapy.

Why Gratitude?

Once upon a time, I thought the same thing until I discovered and experienced the benefits of expressing gratitude. It has now become part of my morning routine. Meditation, Gratitude, followed by Affirmations.

The benefits of expressing gratitude are profound, by focusing and giving thanks for what we have, we open the gate to positive energy which then surrounds us. Because we focus on what we have rather than what we don’t have, the universe mirrors that and the energy becomes empowering and ultimately manifesting.

Gratitude is the first simple nevertheless powerful step towards practicing exercises which empower us. Well then guess what happens after that? We are likely to shape graspable results and take steps towards the life we want and deserve.

How to express Gratitude?

It only takes a few minutes every morning when you wake up, it can either be done before meditation or after, up to you. Recall all the things, people places in your life and be grateful that they exist. You can be thankful for the apartment you live in, the city you live in, the work you create, your colleagues, your beloved, your friends, the yummy breakfast you’re about to eat. Basically, anything you can think of that makes your life so special.


Does something really shift?

Your external environment will start to vibrate accordingly to match your frequency which is positive and empowering. You might notice nice things start to happen to you, you might start to meet the right people that you’re aligned with.

Or you might just look at things around you with different goggles, therefore, seeing something that was under your nose but you never really acknowledged as part of your abundance.

So I’ll tell you a little story about what happened to me once I incorporated Gratitude into my daily practice. I just moved to Berlin and spent one month living in the city on my own while my partner went to India. I set aside 2 minutes in the morning for gratitude and basically filled those 2 minutes with everything that I was grateful for. I just moved to a new city so my first real plan of action was to find a job, after the famous Anmeldung (Registration) off course 🙂 During this period of expressing gratitude every morning set my vibrational state pretty high to search for the job that I really wanted and most importantly, one that would suit me. After application here, application there, some interviews, some rejection and encountering some challenge with the language barrier, the company I had applied for when I first arrived, which was 6 weeks earlier, called me up to offer me an interview. Basically, everything I wanted in a job was this job that just came to me after many weeks, to be completely honest, I had totally forgotten about even applying for it. All the qualities I was looking for was this job. My external environment adapted to my internal vibrational state which was full of love and gratitude.


Now while this can be considered “Huffy Puffy” stuff the other good side of the story is that even if you don’t believe it can work you are definitely going to enjoy your time better while you wait for whatever opportunity you are working hard towards or waiting for.

It’s impossible to express gratitude with a frown on your face, it just can’t be done, instead, I guarantee you’ll be smiling from the outside and from the inside, give that gratitude stuff a go and prove it to yourself.

Any questions and comments, please get in touch, I’d love to know how your gratitude journey is going.


“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” – Anthony Robbins

This whole concept is something we write about in more depth in the upcoming book “Today Find A Way” together with much more to support you in manifesting the life of your dreams.

Stay tuned, stay grateful!



Founder of Om Reiki Connection

Have you met Resistance?

Why resistance? Well, we think it’s a very interesting topic of reflection because we all experience it in a way or another. Inevitably on our side, we frequently noticed it when it comes to resistance within the holistic industry. We observed the experience of resistance when we know we should do something that will benefit us in the long or short term but the rational mind will play tricks and try to talk us out of whatever it is we know we should do. We said the rational mind, nevertheless, it could be a very well eradicated subconscious pattern instead. A pattern which is set for comfort and fear of change and that uses the conscious mind as an instrument to navigate with resistance towards the state of stagnancy.

We can speak from personal experience when it comes to this, it happened to one of us right before attending the Pellowah Level 3 course with Kachina.

I was so excited during the weeks leading up to it and even the day before. However, it got to the morning of the course and my mind was saying “what are you doing? Are you sure you want to go? It’s so cold and wet today, it looks like staying at home weather” So many reasons came pouring into my mind as to why I shouldn’t go. It wasn’t the first time that this self-talk has happened before an event I was to attend, so I’ve started to become aware of the self-talk and in my case it’s already been proven that the resistance was, in fact, the vibration associated with the part of me which wasn’t keen to evolve.


From this newly acquired information, I have been able to adjust my perspective on giving a new meaning to that type of vibration. From a message of resistance, it becomes a message of action and persistence in taking the step from which the vibration in question arose. The new meaning is in fact now a signal to me that when a similar experience presents and I am tempted to give up it is actually the one that I need to have.

Careful here, I am not talking about a strong gut and intuitive feeling that suggests to not do something which could be detrimental, I am talking about a vibrational feeling that arises from having to make a choice and usually works on the level of the heart (this last part could be very individual).

It is similar to stage fright, or when you need to complete an exam. What you might be experiencing is a sense of anxiety and fear that could also be reversed into a sense of uncertainty and excitement or over-excitement.

We can now see that giving a different meaning to the feeling, the choice that we decide to take might also change.

How to recognise that this is a feeling or emotion?

Surely there are many ways, we can only suggest what we’ve tried for ourselves which is to enter a space of intimacy with your true self to distinguish effectively and then change one of the elements that regulate your emotional state, self-talk is one of them.

Allow us to advertise ourselves here, and for a valuable reason, otherwise, we would not be doing what we do.

Meditation, Reiki, Pellowah, Om Chanting and Dragon Energy, are just great to help you do just that and that’s the reason why we encourage anyone to embrace such or similar tools and techniques which let you shine as the beautiful being that you are.


“We are all on our journeys of discovery, self-awareness is the lens through which we look at the map.”


Founder of Om Reiki Connection

How Reiki Can Improve Your Life …

Today’s article is about Reiki and how Reiki can improve your life and this is virtually the same regardless if you are a practitioner or the client.

In this article, I want to highlight something which has become clear to me during my practice.

The first thing to be said is that everybody is able to perform Reiki, even if you have not been officially taught. Now let’s make this clear because somebody here could be offended and somebody else could be misled.

Reiki by definition is a Japanese word the means ‘Spiritual Energy’, for the purpose of the affirmation I made above anybody can source his own spiritual energy from any source and frequency.

Point 2, Reiki is a discipline by which energy is passed from a body of a practitioner to a client through the position of the hands.

Now, have you ever hit your knee, head or even worse, your funny bone against something? I bet you have …. not funny at all, is it? No, it is not, I think. Anyway, what is your first reaction to what just happened? You put your hands straight on the part injured even if the bleeding didn’t occur. It is an instant reaction, we do our best to assist the part injured with a supply of healing energy coming from the extension of our body in this case such as arms and hands which are rich in meridians and minor chakras (energy channels).

Reiki it is innate in us, but what happened with the discipline, and this is when things get interesting. Reiki is the ability to connect with the spiritual energies in a better and efficient way so to be able to supply a stronger flow of healing energy. This is as simple as it goes. All the rest is dedication, patience, meditation and a lot of other Latin words ending in “tion” except ‘love’ which is the stronger drive in this type of healing discipline and realistically all the others.


Now, why is it important to receive healing energy even though we didn’t hit anything with our head? Because we are energy, we require a constant flow of energy in our bodies in order to perform the so-called life experience (at least in this terrestrial form) and also our pains and needs are not only limited to the purely physical form when you hit something. There are other complex forms of suffering such as mental pain, emotional pain, spiritual pain, but why do we just focus on pain? (Mostly because of Christian tradition) why don’t we allow yourself to feel good all the time or extra good if we are already good at helping the supply of energy even when we don’t touch rock bottom? Why do we allow yourself to always and only learn through the means of pain? That is somewhat necessary at times but we can do better than lift us up only when we are on the floor.. we can keep up for longer periods of time and still learn!

We need a supply of energy that can not only be from food and water.. we live of something else too and it is easy to locate this energy. It’s within you when you feel an emotion, you feel loved, you love someone and when you breathe. That’s some of the many manifestations you can attribute to it.

Next question is:

Where do we get this supply of energy from? The Universe … how? However, you like. Some prefer to follow teachers from far behind in the past with all sort of disciplines, prayers, mantras, meditation, techniques, breathing techniques, dances, exercises of all sorts. Reiki is one of these disciplines. It is a beautiful discipline, I attribute much of the wealth, abundance, clarity, health and beautiful feelings I have right now to it. Like everything else the best comes with practice so in any case if you are a practitioner or a client or both the more you practice it, the more you will be able to feel.

Reiki can create shifting results, help with clarity in making new choices, help with the removal of unwanted patterns, blockages or negativities in life. Reiki at first has been built as a discipline to lead to a path of enlightenment and that’s mainly what it is. The possibility comes as a consequence and determinant once worked on the five main precepts. This and a lot more is Reiki to me! If you want to add something to the list, help yourself, book an appointment, start a course and start a new adventure where you can be the protagonist together with everyone and everything else around you.

Immense gratitude!


Founder of Om Reiki Connection