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Pellowah Energy Courses in:

Berlin, Germany


Antrodoco (Rieti), Italy


Are you looking for something new and refreshing? Or perhaps you’re looking to expand your spiritual practice? Want to have a positive impact by contributing to other people’s lives, then why not take this course and also become a qualified Pellowah practitioner!

Pellowah is a very refined, delicate and a high vibrational energy method. Working principally on the mind & spirit rather than the body; Pellowah imbues a shift within the recipient’s framework, helping alleviate buried, past or present conditions. Pellowah seems to focus on the underlying issue, rather than patching up the symptoms which is why it’s such a useful method.

Pellowah unblocks and realigns meridians (energy channels) within the body, attracts positive while dissolving the negative, strengthens chakras and gives the possibility to connect with your higher/true self. Pellowah works within the auric field.

Pellowah is easy to learn and can be done over a weekend. There are three levels with Pellowah: 1, 2 & 3. Here at Om Reiki Connection, we offer level 1 & 2. Level 3 is the teacher training level and is facilitated by the founder of Pellowah, Kachina Ma’an.

Level 1 is known as the ‘Practitioner’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

  • Learn how to use Pellowah to practice on others
  • Understand the essential Pellowah Do and Don’ts!
  • Learn how to use crystals and acupuncture with Pellowah
  • Strengthened chakras with a powerful guided meditation
  • Learn how to conduct a private professional Pellowah session
  • Learn how to use Pellowah on pets and plants
  • Understand how to use Pellowah for distance practice
  • Built confidence working with the Pellowah energy practice
  • Learn how to use energy intuitively using the Pellowah.

Level 2 is known as the ‘Expanding Consciousness’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

  • Discover and connect to the seven Pellowah symbols: opening the auric field while keeping it protected, neutralise any negative energy to attract positive, bring together physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, align all the chakras, increase personal power, activate your own Merkabah and expand the aura to allow new and increased energy and information for change.
  • Balanced and strengthened the chakras
  • Learn about the Merkabah (light body) and connect with it
  • Learn powerful techniques to connect you with your higher/true self
  • Have further developed their energy practice abilities
  • Learn a simple method to harmonise your mind, body and spirit.

At the end of the course, students will feel confident in using the Pellowah energy.

Georgeos: “Greetings Giampietro,
I feel so excited with Pellowah system, that I have never felt like this since 8 years ago when I was attuned to another energy system. The symbols change my energy instantly and I am practicing daily by drawing and naming the symbols throughout my day. Shifts happen as I do that to the environment and is miraculous. I am so Grateful. The 2nd meditation exercise gives me a light cold feeling just like Hyomi. Simple and very effective.”

Included in the course

  • Diploma for your achievement in completing the course
  • Comprehensive Pellowah Manual for you to take home
  • Snacks, tea and water


A peek at one of the Pellowah Symbols

Post Course: 21-day E-Course

Once you’ve completed Level 2, you will hear from Om Reiki Connection via email for 21 days. Lucky you! We will send you little exercises every day to keep you connected to the Pellowah energy. You might say, why 21 days? Well after the 21-day mark, it is noted that a task or activity will become a pleasurable habit. And that’s the aim, right?

On-going support from us!

Here at Om Reiki Connection we offer continued support for our students, if you have any question (doesn’t matter how simple or silly you may think it is), you will always be able to contact us by phone or email.

It promises to be a fun weekend full of exploration!

More about Pellowah!

We can also arrange private courses for a date which is more convenient for you!

Upcoming Courses

Level 1 – €175

Level 2 – €175

Level 1&2 €290

You’ve taken a Pellowah course before and looking to practice?

Then feel free to come along to our Pellowah Practice Night!

Investment: €5

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