Privacy Policy

We are revising our privacy policy, which will outline the type of data we hold for you, how we acquire it and the ways in which we currently use it. In essence, summarised below.

What data we may hold on you:

First name


Postal address

Email address

Telephone number


How we acquire and store your data:

Data is collected when you subscribe to a course, event or book a treatment. We then will retain a copy on paper and one on our database on the computer.

We share some of the information (for instance with courses like Pellowah and Reiki) respectively with Kachina Ma’an for registration to the Pellowah Practitioner directory and Jeremy O’Carroll from Om Reiki Centre – Melbourne, for the post-e-courses and video portals.

We will also use some of these details (i.e. email address) to update you about the next events and news about our activities or similar.

In the light of this new regulation, we are required to obtain your express permission to continue to use your data (primarily via email) for publicity and information purposes.

By applying for a course or attending a treatment you agree with this policy and give automatic permission for the treatment of your data.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.