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Reiki Courses Berlin

At Om Reiki Connection we specialise in providing students with quality spiritual energy courses. Our courses offer a practical methodology adaptable to any person, regardless of experience or knowledge in the field. Channeling Reiki energy is part of anyone’s innate ability. We provide students with the right techniques for them to go deep into their practice.

Our courses cover the five pillars of the Japanese system:

  • Reiki attunements: energy activations that connect students to the Reiki energy
  • Meditation techniques: assist with strengthening the student’s connection with the Reiki energy
  • Reiki practice: enables students to use the Reiki energy to practice on themselves and others
  • Mantras & symbols (level 2 only): assist students in strengthening their connection to specific forms of Reiki energy
  • Reiki precepts: principles which promote a healthy energetic system. They provide the foundation for the structure of a positive and productive way of living.
Reiki Precepts
Om Reiki Connection’s version of the Reiki precepts

Why take a Reiki Course?

To grasp a deeper understanding of the Reiki philosophy beyond the point of a one-off treatment. Reiki gives you real knowledge of your innate energetic ability and provides growth. Reiki helps you to connect with your true self, learning techniques to be more balanced, grounded and be able to resolve uncomfortable energies around you. Enabling you to be more productive and efficient in any field and having a better overview of the present moment. Reiki is also excellent in complementing other disciplines such as Meditation, Yoga, Tai chi, Massage and Acupuncture because it gives you clarity, focus and enhances your ability to connect with others and other energies around you.

Reiki Courses at Om Reiki Connection

Reiki is easy to learn, and each level can be gained over a weekend. There are three levels of Reiki: 1, 2 & 3. Here at Om Reiki Connection, we offer level 1, 2 & 3. Our courses are fun, relaxed and lightly structured to bring out a pleasant and joyful experience.

Level 1 is known as the ‘Self Practice’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

  • Understand the traditional Usui Reiki method and the five Reiki pillars
  • Exclusive introduction to an applied practical meditation based on the Reiki precepts
  • Learn about all the possibilities with Reiki
  • Understand what Reiki is and how it works
  • Learn the Reiki Meditations
  • Learn the Reiki hand positions for self-healing practice
  • Learn grounding techniques and how to overcome the fear of contagion from negative energies and energetic depletion when dealing with people and external environments

Level 2 is known as the ‘Practitioner’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

  • Learn and understand the importance of the Reiki symbols and mantras
  • Understand how to conduct a Reiki session with a client
  • Learn how to use the standard Reiki positions but also how to harness your intuition as a Reiki Practitioner
  • Learn how to use Reiki for distance practice
  • Learn additional techniques which will help you in your day-to-day practice

Level 3 is known as the ‘Master/Teacher’ level. Upon successful completion, students will:

  • Understand the forth and final traditional Master Reiki symbol
  • Understand additional esoteric tradition symbols
  • Ability to teach and train others about the Reiki method
  • Enhance and deepen the understanding of the Reiki philosophy

At the end of each course, students will feel confident in using Reiki energy.

Included in the course

  • Diploma for your achievement in completing the course
  • Comprehensive Reiki Manual for you to take home
  • 21-day E-Course
  • Exclusive video portal
  • Snacks, tea and water

Post Course: 21-day E-Course

Once you’ve achieved a Reiki level, you will hear from Om Reiki Connection via email for 21 days. Lucky you! We will send you little exercises every day to keep you connected to the Reiki energy. You might say, why 21 days? Well after the 21-day mark, it is noted that a task or activity will become a pleasurable habit. And that’s the aim, right?

On-going support from us!

Here at Om Reiki Connection we offer continued support for our students, if you have any question (doesn’t matter how simple or silly you may think it is), you will always be able to contact us by phone or email.

We proudly collaborate with Om Reiki Centre in Melbourne, Australia. Om Reiki Centre is one of the most popular Reiki Centres in Australia which successfully trains more than one hundred students a year.

Together we provide and support our students with a very unique and advanced Video portal!

We can also arrange private courses for a date which is more convenient for you!

Upcoming Courses

Level 1 – €230

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September 2020 (11:00 to 18:00 both days)

Location: TBC

Language: English

Level 2 – €250

You’ve taken a Reiki course before and looking to practice?

Then feel free to come along to our Reiki Practice Night!

Investment: €5

To be confirmed