Reiki Ryôhô


Reiki is probably the most famous energy practice technique in western culture although its origins connect to Japan.

Reiki is believed to improve just about any aspect of life, from physical health to emotional well-being. It helps with stress reduction, anxiety and enhances mental clarity.

How does it work?

The energy (Ki) is said to enter the practitioner and be passed throughout his body, arms and hands into a client.

The flow of energy is responsible for the removal of blockages and realignment of the centers (also known as Chakras and Meridians) allowing a self-healing process to take place thus leaving a sense of well-being as a result.

The technique doesn’t involve nudity and/or any sexual practices, and it can be with or without contact.

The length of a session might depend on requests. It varies from 15 min to 1 hour as required.

The client lies or sits comfortably while the practitioner operates with a combination of hand positions.

We proudly collaborate with Om Reiki Centre in Melbourne, Australia having access to exclusive manuals and an exclusive video portal for our courses directly coordinated by the Om Reiki Centre Founder & Director Jeremy O’Carroll (video below).


Reiki Ryôhô at Om Reiki Connection


60 mins: €60

30 mins: €25

Distance Practice also available. (Distance practice allows you to receive this form of energy where ever you are regardless of distance)

60 mins (consultation to be arranged before the session) €60



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Remember that at Om Reiki Connection we have a Satisfaction Guarantee System that means that if you are not happy with the treatment, we will refund the entire amount.

Proudly in collaboration with Om Reiki Centre – Melbourne, Australia

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A little bit of Reiki history 

The REIKI (literally translated as “Spiritual Energy”) frequency has been sourced by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui during the early 20th century as a result of initiation in martial arts and Japanese Buddhist traditions together with a personal search for a path to enlightenment. He then developed a method (“Ryôhô”) based on 5 pillars where hands-on healing was only one of them.

Mikao Usui founded his school, and he has had many students among which Dr. Hayashi deserves particular mention about the evolution and diffusion of Reiki.

In fact, when Japanese background American/Hawaiian lady named Hawaii Takata returns back to Japan to benefit from the Reiki treatments and studies with Dr. Hayashi due to lung disease, Reiki moved from East to West just in time before the relationship between the two countries collapsed after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Since Mrs. Takata’s Reiki has evolved in the West in a variety of forms and techniques, some of them have nothing to do with the original teachings, in Japan the system is constructed to go underground and almost disappeared.

It is only since the 90’s that the system has been rediscovered in Japan with some of Usui Students whom are still alive and that’s when the original teaching has been revitalised by a group of dedicated practitioners and researchers.

Now the traditional system has come to surface again, and some practitioners have come together in different associations to preserve the authenticity of the Reiki teachings and practice.