Reiki Resonance Meditation

Hi All, 🙏

Some instructions for those who want to join and receive Reiki in our distant group event.

Reiki is famous for its hands-on modality which has been used for the last hundred years in various situations as a remedy for different cases of discomfort, stress and any other self-limiting experience.

Our way to work with Reiki certainly includes the betterment of the individual in their physical, energetic and mental-emotional state.

Nevertheless, we fundamentally believe that none of these states are maintained in an harmonic way for long after a treatment unless they are supported by a profound awareness of the self.

Basically, we promote a more self-responsible way to tap into our powers and possibilities in order not just to feel better but also to thrive and develop as a human being in general.

For this, we promote a more comprehensive method that uses Reiki for improvement and eventually enlightenment of the individual besides providing personal well being in all its aspects.

In this specific appointment we ‘d like to provide a resonance with the Reiki energy so to ignite and start or maintain the connection with the Reiki energy so to promote well being, of course, restore harmony and provide a guiding light to stimulate or even motivate the individual to pursuit his/her goals in the path of life.

The event is open to a beginner as well as advanced practitioners.

No previous experience required, only an open mind is.

You don’t need to do much.

I will resonate with and infuse Reiki energy.

If you’d like to connect visually I will be on camera live on my FB “Om  Reiki Connection” at 11am Berlin Time every Sunday.

But if for any reason (time wise for example or personal preferences) you can’t connect to FB, let us know tht you want to join and let us know your name and surname, you can stay seated or laying down peacefully and you will receive the energy.

The aim is like receiving a lay or seat comfortably for the entire time of 1 hour or as much as you feel like.

Obviously if you are in a meditative state you will benefit from the energy during the meditation…or even if you are immersed in your daily tasks and ventures you will benefit from the energy.

Up to you how you want to take advantage of this.

We recommend to ve peacefully and undisturbed for thenperiod of time allocated. To relax and aim to receive  the beautiful Reiki energy for your betterment and harmony, so to help with the whole evolutionary process.

If you are more balanced….your environment will be more balanced, hence it contributes to the planet to be more balanced.

You dont need to join from the start or stay for the entire time (although recommended).

Peace, harmony and Love everyone 🙏❤💫

Team @omreikiconnection