At Om Reiki Connection we offer methods and techniques which support you dealing with your sensitivity and general approach to life, to channel your energies and get always an enriching sense of calmness and well being.

Om Reiki Connection is based in Berlin and specialises in energy practices such as:




Om Chanting Meditation




Exclusive and personalised methods to help you with the removal of obstacles and the manifestation of your goals.

These techniques assist you in becoming the best version of yourself, connecting you to the essence of your true self while playing a significant role in your own path to evolution.

Using these methods the individual can intervene in emotions, thoughts, actions, choices and overall energy to exchange dis-empowering patterns and behaviors with more effective, constructive and comfortable ones. It is possible for you to be in control of your own reality and be able to attract more positive things into life.

Working on one or more of these planes such as physical, intellectual (mental), emotional, energetic (spiritual) it is possible to be the change you want to see for yourself. These practices help you find a new force to walk through life’s circumstances, helping to transform obstacles and difficulties into opportunities. You can work and learn from your own experiences to discover your strength, manifesting change instantly, you can genuinely find a new side of yourself being in the balance with the energies within and around you to be the protagonist of your own journey which leads to self-discovery, self-development, mindfulness, joy and well being.


You will be able to propel the power of manifestation as well as the law of attraction in a more fashioned and positive way. Having a mindful, balanced and peaceful mind is optimal to be able to recognise the place you are at and act effectively. Working on your blueprint, you will be able to create quality behaviors making better choices and significantly contributing to your life experience as well as others around you.

With these techniques, you can find solutions to your discomforts. These techniques are 100% effective in increasing meditative abilities and restoring a deep connection with your true self. Please visit our reviews page.

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